Emacs Calendar Extension – Information Unity (Part 3)


Ok, this post should wrap up the series – finally. Sorry it’s taken me a while, but got caught up in life for a bit…

To summarize what we’ve covered so far, I figured out how to get a iCal file imported into Emacs calendaring system, remove duplicates, and do a little post-processing in order to get it looking the way I wanted.

Up to this point, it’s all been manual calls with eval-region and that just won’t cut it! We need an Emacsian way of both a) Automatically running this code on start up (which the provided functions can already handle, and b) Being able to manually re-execute at any time via Emacsian means.

The running on start up, as I’ve said, is already handled via normal elisp code execution. We really just need to enable that same functionality through manual Emacs interaction.

Looking through documentation and many blog posts I discovered how to interact with the Emacs system – and it’s actually pretty simple. You only have to do a couple of things, actually:

  1. defun a standard lisp method.
  2. Include the interactive form (of which there are varying arguments it takes based on the required functionality.
  3. From within this form make calls out to the forms that we already created for importing an iCal

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