Emacs Calendar Extension – Information Unity


Well, I’ve been away for a while. Honestly, I find it hard to make time to post – but I swear, I’m going to make more of an effort because I’m actually working on some very exciting stuff.

I’ll put off the super exciting stuff for a bit, but did want to post something exciting – to me at least…

As a preface, I’ve been getting into pretty heavy use of Emacs over the last few months. To the extent that I’m on a mission to use it for as a replacement for as many apps as possible. If you are aware of Emacs and the multitudes of extensions then you know just how powerful it can be. To the point that my desires of an Emacs-only desktop are not outside the realm of possibility – but I’ll get into that in some later posts.

So one of the things I hate in life is repeating myself – specifically in the realm of information. Having to put to-do items into multiple devices, multiple contacts apps, multiple calendar apps, etc.

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