Yet More Development Angst


As is obvious by my previous post, I’m completely disenchanted with the preachings of the patron saints of technology and their consistent gear switching on “best practice”, “best language”, “best framework”.

Best practice is just that, what works well in practice, not theory. And theory is the domain in which they dwell. I get tired, as much as most of you do I’m sure, of beating the “best practice” drum only to have “best practice” thrown to the wayside for the “just get it done” mentality that EVERY corporation, when put to it, adheres to.

“Best language” and “best frameworks” are both very subjective terms and I realize this. I do, however, expect prophets of a particular “best **/*” to stick to one or maybe two for a few years before they declare the “next” best language or framework.

Just as these same cats a few years ago were mocking client side work and declaring that everything should be done on the server side, they’ve now switched gears again and declared it should be done on the client with minimal calls to the server. There will be yet another switchback in the next few years as more and more client side code becomes unmaintainable.

All of the switching and technological “discovery” is perfectly fine and good, but if you ask yourself the simple question “Has development gotten easier with the advent of all these new technologies” you’ll find the answer is no – emphatically. Not only is it no, it’s an order of magnitude more difficult to properly design, implement, and pay for an enterprise level application than it was just 10 years ago…

Users not only expect but demand the same type of functionality and responsiveness that they had 10 years ago when VB desktop apps ruled the world. And here we are, still mired in the same transport level crap we started out in…